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Why I Decided to Press “Pause” on This Podcast 

It’s not farewell, just a pause on this labor of love the podcast has been.

I’ll still be your coach, providing you with all the content, workshopping, and support you’ve come to expect just in a different format.  

Recent emergency eye surgery and recovery allowed me to implement my advice from the year-end planning and pivoting podcasts from last month. I had to take a look at where I want to focus my energy, where I may want to pivot, and how I want to show up for my business and personal life in 2024.

I’ve sure loved developing this podcast, meeting so many guests, and chatting with all of you as you bring your inspiration to life. It’s really important to me that you make your vision a reality, and I want to keep being a part of that.  

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Welcome back to another edition of the Course Creation Incubator podcast. I’m your host, Gina Onativia, here to get you inspired, excited to work on your online course or program and help you build up the course-based business of your dreams. And this is the first podcast of 2024, and the New Year has had an interesting start, to say the least.

Start off the year having emergency surgery on my left eye, and it’s been a pretty rigorous recovery ever since. And as part of this recovery, I’ve had to really be Zen and calm and be with my thoughts more and more. Which makes you think I don’t know about you. But any time something big happens when it comes to my health, it makes me evaluate multiple areas of my life and a couple of episodes ago, I talked about things that maybe you should stop doing, right?

Start doing. Stop doing. Where do you want to innovate for the next six months? And I had a lot of time to think over the last few weeks. And one of the one of my labors of love in my business is, of course, this podcast, the course creation incubator. And if you know the story behind how this podcast came to be, I’ve talked about it before, but it’s been a while.

This was intended to be a limited series tied to a launch, and then it kind of took on a life of its own and grew from there. And over the months and over the years, I just love doing workshop episodes with you. I’ve done coaching episodes. I’ve had incredible guests. On sharing their insights. Those are some of my favorite episodes.

The workshops, I feel like I’ve been helpful. I’ve been able to give you some key formulas and processes that I use for course creation, for marketing, for building your business. And it’s been a world when it’s been a wild ride and it’s been it’s been fun. And I think it’s been valuable for you as well. Now, I think any time you stopped doing something and we talked about this in that podcast, it opens up opportunities in other places for you, whether it’s your personal life, your professional life, your health, whatever it looks like.

So, I’ve decided for now to press pause on this podcast and, and I say it like that to press pause. And it’s not the definite end. I just see it’s best for my business right now to take to take a break, to take a pause, and then see where else opportunities open up when I stop doing this for my business.

And by the way, I invite you to do the same. If you listen to that episode and you stop doing something. I want to make sure that you’re open to opportunities and you’re opening yourself up to what’s next. Because I want you taking action. I want you building momentum and moving forward. I want nothing else for you. So, I know other opportunities are going to open up.

I know other doors are going to open up. So, I ask two things as I press pause on this podcast, especially if you’ve been a passionate listener. And thank you. If you’ve been listening, by the way, for the last, gosh, two plus years, I appreciate you. I love that you’ve been listening. I love that you’ve been taking action.

So, to asks for you one. If I’ve impacted you in any way, I would love for you to send me a note. Hello? At course. Creation Boutique E-Com. Let me know what you thought of the podcast, or you know, if you’d like to hear new episodes in the future, what would you like to hear? Or just say hi to say Hi, Gina.

I would love that. And the second thing is, if you’re not part of my community, my email community, I would love for you to to sign up. And the same thing you can email hello at course Creation Boutique dot com. I’ll leave that note in the show notes because I’m not going to stop creating content that’s. I want to be clear.

This brain moves too fast and furious to stop creating new content and having these thoughts. I was actually going to do a podcast. I was reading Hidden Potentials by Adam Grant up until the surgery, but now I’m listening to this wonderful new book. So, I’ve got a lot of new content in my head. It’s just going to be a different format.

It won’t be in terms of a podcast. Likely the emails themselves will contain the content and the thoughts and maybe some workshops. Who knows? So, make sure you’re on my list. Make sure you’re a part of the course creation boutique community. Email to make sure that you’re signed up. And even if you’re not sure if you’re signed up or not, we can check for you.

You just say, Gina, I just wanted to make sure if your team can check to see that I’m on the community. I’m in the community. That would mean a lot to me, too. I would love to keep in touch with you and to make sure that we stay, stay close and that you’re still taking action and that you’re still building your course or your program.

And ultimately building up the business of your dreams. Because that’s what we’re here about, right? We’re not. This is what I say. It’s about inspiration up front, but really, it’s about taking action and you moving and making mistakes, but then making progress and ultimately getting closer to your dreams and your vision. There’s nothing I want more for you in life then than to do that.

So please, please make sure you’re getting my emails so I can send you that helpful information and I can still be your coach and be your guide and push you and rant to you. I would love it. So that’s it for now. Until we unpause, go create, be you and be brilliant, and get it done.