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Course Creation Incubator Podcast

Ready to take that online course idea out of a Google Doc and into a bestselling course? With each episode, Gina Onativia is your bulldog and cheerleader sharing the steps, strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you create and launch a successful online course and build a business for the long term!

Next level, note-taking and relisten-worthy online course creation and marketing strategy!!

Gina’s podcast is one of the few where I will listen to many episodes a second or third time so I can sit down and follow the information and take so many notes and implement the strategies shared.
Also, the advice she shares consistently prompts exciting new ideas to pop into my mind (that are going to be game-changing for my online course)! I have a hard time listening to Gina’s podcast while driving because I constantly have to pull over to write down a billion notes about the new ideas and strategies she inspires.


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Creating Your Online Course

#13: Find the Online Course Structure That Works for YOU

#92: Why A Starter Course Is Your Best First Course

#56: The Post-It Exercise Episode: How to Take a Ton of Content and Break It Down It Actionable Steps

#99: 2 Low-Risk Ways To Get Your Course Out There

Marketing Your Online Course

#63: Pre-Sell Like a Pro

#120 Coaching Podcast: Defining Your Perfect Student Path

#108: Let’s Talk Pricing Strategies for Your Online Course

#131: Coaching Podcast: How to Beta Your Online Course Concept

Growing Your Audience

#61: Three Steps to a Killer Lead Magnet

#106: Your Quick Start Guide to Growing Your Business Online

#120 Coaching Podcast: Defining Your Perfect Student Path

#134: Know Who You Are & What You’re Selling (workshop series)

Scaling Your Business

#44: My Favorite Course Platforms for Course Creators

#102: How One Donkey Trimming Course Spurred An Empire With Megan Hensley

#106: Your Quick Start Guide to Growing Your Business Online

#112: How This Salon Owner Got to $225K/Year Selling Courses

Podcast Praise

Gina is amazing and so is her podcast. I was looking for advice on the course I am currently creating, and I found Gina’s podcast. I love that she is hyper focused on the issue of course creation and so I know that every single episode applies to what I am looking for right now. Gina is encouraging, knowledgeable, and warm. If you are creating a course, I highly recommend listening to this podcast! Every single episode is gold.

Love this focused podcast—ACermanski

Gina’s podcast has so much value and is invaluable resource when it comes to a course creation. No fluff, just practical tips in each episode. I have binge-listening to all episodes and I’m learning so much in preparation of launching my course. Definitely listen to her post-it notes exercise! Thank you so much Gina. Your podcast is the best podcast on a course creation topic!

So much value!—Lana15366

Wow gina, all i have to say is you literally spoke to me! I have a course done, and struggling to put it out there! Each episode you inspire me but i have not yet launched. Today i went for a run and You mentioned my industry (travel agent) and i feel like it was a sign to just do it!!!! Thank you!!!

This episode spoke to me!!!—The Travel Mechanic

Gina’s podcast was the first one I found when I wanted to create my own course and binged a bunch of them on a long road trip. Listening to them made me think that “I can do this” with the helpful ways she breaks it down.
After listening to a recent episode it was like she was talking directly to me for the extra nudge to get going on some things I’ve been waiting on. Thanks for being a great cheerleader on our course creation journey!

A course creating cheerleader found!—danceralex